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Intrebari frecvente

Mounting types

Type I - in the ground

Type II - encased in concrete

Type III - inside reinforced concrete structure


FBK800 Filtration System

Multiple filtration and sterilization system, consisting of a HEPA filter, active carbon filter, TEDA carbon filter and an ultraviolet sterilization chamber. The air filtering system is configured in the form of sealed batteries with ventilators, 700 - 1000 m³ / h (100w), and contains the following filters:

  • - spark proof metallic filter - used to remove grease or fuel vapors;
  • - impregnated active carbon filter - a microcellular absorbent material with a large absorption area that is used for purifying gas and air;
  • - fiberglass filter with progressive density - used for aerosols, airborne dust and metal contaminants (heavy metals residues As, Pb, Cd and protein precipitates)

Price: 12.950 €+VAT