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Mounting types

Type I - in the ground

Type II - encased in concrete

Type III - inside reinforced concrete structure


DBK190/90 Ballisitc Door

Ballistic doors are specially designed to protect against the pressure caused by conventional or nuclear explosions, fire or ill minded persons. The door is 100 mm thick, and is made ​​of 10 mm thick steel, lead sheets that protect against radiation, and a concrete layer 85mm thick. This door is resistant to any kind of explosion, to structural fires, cutting torches and powerful kicks. Mechanical closure in four points, tension is achieved by a device based on leverages with a gear and reducer. Massive non-removable hinges, that are designed for high load with brass bushings and valves for greasing. As sealant, the doors feature a synthetic rubber gasket between the door and the frame to allow the use of a positive pressure filtration.

Penetration from outside is almost impossible, the door being impenetrable and resistant to cutting torches and the hinges are protected, so that they can not be cut. The door has a ballistic assessment level of UL8. The standard size is 190x90 for one door sheet. The doors are designed to be used for shelters, cellars or basements, but can be used in industrial applications such as chemical plants, foundries, weapon warehouse, polygons where weapons are tested, refuge chambers, etc.

Price: 3.780 €+VAT