We are a Romanian - Canadian company specialized in underground shelters technology and our main concern is to offer our clients advanced protection equipment in case of extreme events such as nuclear, chemical, or biological bombing, as well as any other situations when the safety of the individual may be threatened. The shelters are built using the latest materials and technologies that ensure the safety and protection of the people they shelter, resisting the effects caused by weapons of mass destruction.

Our desire is to help our clients protect what they value most, family, relatives, or employees. For this our whole team is constantly searching for the best, the smartest and most comfortable underground housing solutions to ensure not only the survival but also the comfort of those who use our shelters. We know that an underground bunker is the best chance of survival for those who own it in case of life-threatening situations, and thus we are aware how important it is for our clients to keep secret the fact that they have such a shelter. Therefore we take our customers privacy very seriously, and do so as to ensure that all data remain unknown to third parties.

Knowing the stakes, we make no compromise when it comes to the safety and protection of our customers, even if we hope that none of those who trust in us and our products will ever have to use an underground shelter.